Black and white

Black and white

07 March, 2008 | 2 hrs 18 mins

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Banner : Mukta Searchlight Films

Director : Subhash Ghai

Producer : Subhash Ghai

Star : Anil Kapoor , Anurag Sinha, Shefali Shah

The movie is an apparent exploration of Numair Qazi, a suicide bomber's life, who has to perform his mission at Red Fort, Delhi on the Independence Day. Qazi is victim of Gujarat communal riots. Numair does friendship with an Urdu professor after being suspected in the eyes of CBI.

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Black And White Movie preview : Subhash Ghai , well known for directing wholesome Bollywood entertainers, strays away from his usual style in 'Black And White' – a realistic, offbeat film with ... More


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