Complete Bollywood Movies List 2003.

A documentary filmmaker who reels down the lives of three hardened prisoners behind the bars, finally finds redemption in her own life.

Release: 01 August, 2003

Settled in the conservative thinking rural India, lives a girl named Vidya. Studying in Bombay, Vidya gets a call back for marriage to which she reluctantly agrees. The marriage ruins soon after, forcing Vidya to return back into the city. Here serves a guy platting his love but she soon herds back to the village and the guy follows. Now will conservative villagers let Vidya live a happy life or will her life be more miserable then after is what the film narrates later.

Release: 26 September, 2003

Raj, an air force pilot suffers injury and this is when he meets Kajal. Kajal helps Raj get normal and join the air force again. Back from his training Raj confronts Kajal of his love just to find out that she loves someone else. Heart broken he flies Europe and collides Jiya. She falls for him and convinces Raj to marry her but soon he discovers that she is Kajal\'s late hubby\'s sister. With Kajal entering his life again whom will he marry remains a question.

Release: 23 March, 2003

Dr. Akash Sinha sacrifices his love affair with Dr. Neha Mathur and gets married to Sonia Kapoor to fulfill his father's dream of building a well organized hospital. Still, Sonia suspects him of infidelity.

Release: 16 May, 2003

Neha, an architect gets an assignment to work for a biggie\'s mansion. Landed there she meets the biggie along with two other guys, Raj, a painter and Harshvardhan a cop. All fallen for her, she\'s now abducted to be killed as one of them possess a psychological disorder.

Release: 07 February, 2003

After dedicating their whole life in upbringing their children, elderly couple Raj Malhotra and Pooja gets homeless. Instead of caring, their children treat them as a burden.

Release: 03 October, 2003