Complete Bollywood Movies List 2008.

This horror-flick twirls around the spooky events taking place in the haunted house of a couple in the year 1920. For this reason, the owner decided to demolish the house and build a hotel in its place. An architect Arjun Singh visits house along with his lady love Lisa. Arjun is a religious person, who recites Hanuman Chalisa every day. Lisa starts experiencing strange things happening in the house and gradually the evil spirit takes over Lisa completely. The movie shows strong attempts of Arjun to save Lisa from the evil.

Release: 12 September, 2008

A group of people gets stuck in Juhu's Barista caf on 26th July 2005 during Mumbai's rain deluge. All of them have some personal problems and two police officers come there to question all of them as they suspect one of them as a bank robber who has run away with the large sum of money.

Release: 14 March, 2008

Unfolded on a particular Wednesday, it narrates the story about a man, who rings up to Mumbai Police and informs them that he had planted several bombs across Mumbai. The man desires four terrorists in exchange. Non-adherence to the demands of this man can invite the death of thousands of innocent citizens in the city. The movie depicts the man's motive behind all this and the way Police handles this intricate case.

Release: 05 September, 2008

Aamir, a doctor arrives in Mumbai from London. Upon his arrival in Mumbai, he gets handed over a cell phone at the airport on the behalf of the person who claims to have kidnapped Aamir's family. He forces Aamir to take part in a terrorist conspiracy in order to ensure the safety of Aamir's family.

Release: 06 June, 2008

A wealthy industrialist Vikram Singh, who arrives in Mumbai for a business meeting. During this, Vikram seeks a girl as his secretary. A girl named Jia Rao approaches her. Vikram proposes to her for marriage and Jia accepts it. Jia gets introduced to the caretaker Malini after moving into a grand bungalow. The weird things start to happen after shifting into this bungalow.

Release: 02 May, 2008

Raj Sharma is a young man who is a Casanova and does not believe in love. He lures Mahi and Radhika and ditch them. He continues his carefree attitude towards girls until he meets Gayatri who also falls in love with him but denies to commit to him. Raj realizes his mistakes and sets on a journey to apologize to Radhika and Mahi.

Release: 15 August, 2008