Bombay to bangkok

Bombay to bangkok

18 January, 2008 | 2 hrs 1 mins

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Banner : Mukta Searchlight

Director : Nagesh Kukunoor

Producer : Rahul Puri , Elahe Hiptoola

Star : Shreyas Talpade , Lena, Vijay Maurya

The story starts with middle-class person Shankar Bhatawdekar living in Mumbai along with his widowed mother. Shankar is shown as a petty thief, in frantic requirement of money. He robs the bags full of money of a local don and escapes to Bangkok as a fake doctor. In all this, Shankar loses his money bags.

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Shankar (Shreyas Talpade) is a petty thief who is in desperate need of money. He steals from the local Don and then escapes with a team of doctors heading for relief work to Bangkok. However, ... More

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