17 February, 2006 | 2 hrs 40 mins

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Director : Kalpana Lajmi

Producer : Vikas Sahni , Kalpana Lajmi

Star : Mithun Chakraborty , Sushmita Sen, Anuj Sawhney

It is a story of a prostitute Basanti who lives with her daughter Titli. One day a newly deputed postman Chandan arrives and befriends Basanti, falling for her he tries to get Basanti and Titli out of this by marrying her. This is opposed by the village priest Panda who lusts Basanti, unhappy by this Panda in a tiff kills Basanti\'s lover.

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Chingaari is a story of rebellion against the tyranny of a powerful temple priest, played by Mithun Chakraborty. He is a sadist who terrorizes the villagers in the name of religion. Sushmita Sen ... More


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