Chutki Bajaa Ke

Chutki Bajaa Ke

25 May, 2012

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Banner : Dharmraj Films

Director : Vedant Vishnoi

Producer : Mukul Raj

Star : Ishant Indaliya , Mukesh Tiwari, Shilpi Sharma

This tale touches the sensitive social issue of Child labor and how the blatant employers treat their child laborers with insult and mistreatment. Chhotu, a young boy works in a dhaba and is often mistreated by the owner of Dhaba. Some spoilt brats also make fun of him and maltreat him. He seeks comfort in a company of Baba Khan who mentors him. Once, Chhotu finds a magnetic amulet with some super powers which changes Chhotu's life forever.

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Movie "Chutki Bajaa Ke" gently and yet ardently tells us how the orphaned survivors of the natural calamities and man-forced disaster are subject to lead a life of deficiency in the hands of ... More

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