Cycle Kick

Cycle Kick

17 June, 2011 | 1 hrs 26 mins

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Banner : Mukta Searchlight

Director : Shashi Sudigala

Producer : Subhash Ghai

Star : K. P. Nishan Nanaiah , Sunny Hinduja, Girija Oak

This is a story of two brothers named Ramu and Ali, living in a small coastal village without their parents. It aims to prove that how small things, regardless how modest to us, can be most sought-after treasure for another. These two brothers buy a flattened cycle; they repair it and it gets stolen. In a nutshell, the movie is pertaining to pride and honor and highlight the simple pleasures of life.

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Cycle kick is the tale of how little things, no matter how humble to us, could be the largely hunted after money for another. It is the story of 2 brothers, Ramu (The name of the actor) and his ... More

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