Dam999 (2011)

25 November, 2011

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Director : Sohan Roy

Producer : Abhini Sohan

Star : Aashish Vidyarthi , Linda Arsenio, Rajit Kapoor

This realism-based 3D emotional thriller centers upon the topic of destruction of 100 year old dam made by British. The movie reveals the incident took place in 1975 in China, in which almost 250,000 people lost their lives in the man-made unfortunate dam disaster of Banqiao dam. It can be said as a message about possible disasters in near future.

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A corrupt mayor builds a new dam for political gains and personal glory endangering millions of innocent lives; A mariner desperate to save his sister from evil; Two not-so-young lovers challenging ... More

Dam999 movie review


By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

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DAM999 is a feature film (made in languages like English, Hindi, and Malayalam etc.) which released on 25th November, 2011. This film has been produced by BizTV Network and is a 3-D film.

Story : This is the story of some corrupt people who have built a dam which may explode at any moment and take the lives of many. This is also the story of some people who fight for justice.

Vinay(Vinay Rai) is a mariner. His son Sam (Jineet Rath) is a diabetes patient. After a long time Vinay, with his son Sam goes to meet his father Shankaran (Rajit Kapur). Shankarnan, who is an ayurvedic doctor in the village, ... full Dam999 Review


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