07 September, 2007 | 2 hrs 16 mins

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Director : Indra Kumar

Producer : Indra Kumar , Ashok Thakeria

Star : Sanjay Dutt , Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi

It is a story of four lazybones who are into conning people to earn money. These four slackers live together in a rented room owned by a lenient lady who gets tired of their pranks and tricks and kicks them off from her house. Accidentally they come to know the location of huge amount of money of an underworld Don named Boss who tell them the location before dying. All these guys want an equal part of the bounty and rush to Goa to find the money. The journey is filled with their hilarious adventures and rib tickling escapade.

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As the name suggests, this is fun filled caper about four friends – Roy , who belives that he is the best detective in the world; Manav , who actually happens to be the biggest idiot in the world, ... More


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