Ek Din 24 Ghante

Ek Din 24 Ghante

07 November, 2003 | 1 hrs 35 mins

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Director : Anant Balani

Producer : Vevek Sushanti

Star : Nandita Das , Rahul Bose, Kabir Sadanand

Sameera is the only girl of her wealthy dad. She reluctantly falls in love with a poor guy Virendra, but he is rejected by her dad. One fine day Vijendra calls her and demands two lakh rupees, to be paid off to his debtors or else they would kill him. With lots of efforts and through rough conditions Sameera manages to reach her love, just to know the fact that she sensed long back.

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Viren (Rahul Bose) comes into Sameera's life,and in his smile and happy-go-lucky attitude she finds solace,love and all that she was craving for. The two deeply fall in love when schemes of ... More

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