Gandhi to Hitler

Gandhi to Hitler

29 July, 2011

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Director : Rakesh Ranjan Kumar

Producer : Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma

Star : Raghuveer Yadav , Neha Dhupia, Nasir Abdullah

This is one of the lofty-intentioned movies. It focuses on spreading the message of peace in the world, which means a lot in today's terrorism-filled atmosphere. The film travels through heinous Nazism policies to the heroism of Gandhian philosophy.

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1939 was a period when the world was plagued with turbulence and turmoil. Adolf Hitler's cruel aspiration for German expansion in Eastern Europe was becoming increasingly brutal and ... More

Gandhi to Hitler movie review


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GANDHI TO HITLER is a Hindi feature film produced by Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma and directed by director Rakesh Ranjan Kumar which released on 29th July, 2011.

Story : This film is set in the year 1939. It was a period when the world war was plagued with unrest and uproar. Hiter was expanding his army using all his cruel means to rule other countries of the world.

Mahatma Gandhi in India was fighting with the British following non-violence ways to free India from the clutches and atrocities of the British.

Knowing about the cruel aspirations of Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi wrote letter ... full Gandhi to Hitler Review

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