Garam Masala

Garam Masala

03 November, 2005 | 2 hrs 26 mins

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Director : Priyadarshan

Producer : Ratan Jain

Star : Akshay Kumar , John Abraham, Paresh Rawal

The tale starts off with two friends Shyam and Mak, dreadful fashion photographers. Running in a race, Shyam grabs an opportunity by wining an award and flies to US. Here Mak, drenched and sad, finds peace by getting involved with not one but three beauties. The turmoil arises when Shyam returns and they both tackle to hide the truth from the three ladies.

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This is a story of a young boy "Akshay Kumar"(Mac).What happens when a good for nothing handsome hunk like Mac (Akshay Kumar) finds himself in possession of an empty flat and access to three ... More


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