Haunted Child

Haunted Child

23 August, 2013

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Banner : Classic Elegant Production

Director : Salim Raza

Producer : Piyush Chauhan

Star : Piyu Chouhan , Varun Kumar, Pankaj Berry

The film is based on the theme of female infanticide. Tanya, a small town girl and Deepak, a fashion photographer falls in love and Tanya delivers a baby girl before their marriage. Manisha, the house-owner of Deepak intends to adopt the baby. The movie takes a turn when this girl child is murdered.

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Tanya (Piyu Chouhan) is a small town girl and Deepak (Varun Kumar) is a fashion photographer. Both of them fall in love with each other and Tanya gets pregnant. Manisha, the land lady of Deepak ... More

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