06 October, 2006 | 2 hrs 9 mins

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Banner : J71 Entertainment

Director : K. Ravishankar

Producer : Reeta J. Shukla

Star : Amarjeet , Shilpa Anand, Arbaaz Khan

The flick is a comic caper starting off with Rashmi, a rich spoilt daddy\'s girl residing in London. Her dad is upset with her over-spending attitude and he falls in a challenge with Rashmi be able to earn 5000 pounds. Rashmi accepts the challenge and runs for finding a job, sooner she realizes her foolishness to find a job so easily. Later she grabs an opportunity to con a guy to fall in love and get money for that but her choice leaves a big hole for confusion when she gets to know that the guy is secret agent and on a mission.

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