Its Breaking News

Its Breaking News

05 October, 2008 | 1 hrs 55 mins

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Banner : Anima Films

Director : Vishal Inamdar

Producer : Shreyas Mhaskar

Star : Koel Purie , Abhimanyu Singh, Abhimanyu Singh

A girl seeks help after her father's death from a high ranking officer. He takes the advantage of the situation and exploits the girl. He makes her his kept and eventually starts sending his other colleagues to her as well. Tired of exploitation, the girl decides to teach a lesson to the officer and asks a news channel to perform a sting operation on him. The news channel does so, but for their own profits.

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The film endeavors to uncover the darker side of the famous or infamous sting operations where a news correspondent (Vidya) falls in the 'chakravyu' of the whole business and finally paves ... More

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