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Mallika (2010)

03 Sep, 2010



Sanjana is suffering from blood curdling nightmares where she watches ghosts and spirits raging with anger. When she wakes up, she sees all of them beside her. Tired of her everyday encounter with nightmares, Sanjana decides to take a break and goes ...

Plot and Review


Sanjana is troubled by nightmares and bright visions of a murder that had taken place in the house many years before she moved in. Sanjana has a particular gift or to a certain extent a curse to see ... More

Mallika movie review


By BollywoodMDB Team - Nov 30, -0001 05:53 AM

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MALLIKA is a movie which falls in the genre of Horror films.
The story of the film is such:
Sanjana (Sheena Nayyar) is troubled by horrified dreams and vibrant visions of a murder which had taken place in her house long time back. This gives her so much trouble and mental pain that she can't bear it. To get rid of this she decides to go for a vacation to some other place so that those horrifying visions could stop following her. Eventually, she goes to Rajasthan to change her mind in a fort cum resort. But she didn't know that the matter for her was going to become worse than bad.
There lies a deep secret in the chest of that fort which is related with her. That is more horrifying and...