Maruti Mera Dosst

Maruti Mera Dosst

05 June, 2009

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Director : Manikya Raju

Producer : Abhimanyu Singh , Abhimanyu Singh

Star : Chandrachur Singh , Ritika Shrivastava, Murli Sharma

Rameshwari an eight year old girl is a devotee of Lord Hanumana. She lives with her father Kunwar Raghavendra Singh and her stepmother who is a diabolical and wants all the property by killing Kunwar Raghavendra Singh and Rameshwari. Rameshwari asks her Lord Hanumana to help her and then Lord Hanumana himself comes to help Rameshwari in a guise of Maruti , a kid with magical powers.

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Fairytales are making a comeback in Bollywood with Maruti Mera Dosst. This family entertainer has witches and innocent little girls. It promises some spectacular visual effects. The ... More

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