Mittal vs Mittal

Mittal vs Mittal

26 March, 2010

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Director : Karan Razdan

Producer : Dinesh Chugh , Rajeev Kore

Star : Rituparna Sengupta , Anjan Srivastava, Reema Lagoo

Mitali, a successful model meets Karan,the son of a rich industrialist Mittal. Karan proposes Mitali and both get married. Karan wants to subdue Mitali\'s independent streak. He is a puppet of his mother. Karan who appears as a loving husband becomes a violent monster at night within the privacy of their bedroom. When Mitali gets tired of humiliation and pain from Karan, she resists the advances of Karan but gets raped by him. Mitali decides to fight back and files a case against Karan. But he hires most expensive and best lawyer to fight his case.

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Mittal Vs Mittal film is made by the film maker Karan Razdan who earlier wrote many films and directed films like Girlfriend.

This film deals with a social issue like marital rape.

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