Mumbai Xpress

Mumbai Xpress

15 April, 2005 | 2 hrs 26 mins

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Director : Singeethan Srinivas Rao

Producer : Kamal Haasan , Chandra Haasan

Star : Kamal Haasan , Manisha Koirala, Om Puri

Digamber had spent his entire life in slums of Dharavi and now feels to live a better life to which he plans to kidnap a wealthy man\'s son. But on the day, one of his partner gets ill and this land the deaf, daredevil stuntman Avinash into the plan replacing the member. Eventually settled they again form a huge mistake when they kidnap some one else, Assistant Commissioner\'s illegitimate son. Now the sword hangs on both Digamber and Avinash who unintentionally invited the turmoil.

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