02 April, 2010

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Banner : White Feather Films

Director : Sudipto Chattopadhyaya

Producer : Sanjay Gupta

Star : Bipasha Basu , Maradona Rebello, Daya Shankar Pandey

This is about a boy, who used to play girls\' roles in movies, as a child artist. As a child artist, the boy is famous as Baby Kusum. He intends to be a hero in his life. Coming from a poor family, he wishes to make it big in films. The boy turns to be a drug-abuser due to parental pressure and turbulent relationship with his parents. In all, the movie is all about casting the children for playing roles in the films antonymous to their gender.

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Pankh is a cute story of a child star named Baby Kusum is a child star. In everybody's acknowledgemnt Baby kusum is a cute little girl but in reality, she is a boy that is masked as a girl. His name was ... More

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