17 December, 2010

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Director : Sachin P. Karande

Producer : Sarosh Khan

Star : Munish Khan , Sara Khan, Gulshan Grover

This is a thriller by its genre. It is about a simple boy called Kunal and a girl named Ishita, who is his love interest. Ishita is an interior designer by her profession. Kunal meets a deadly accident on one night and gets into critical stage. A person named Raghu saves him from this. But, Raghu holds another dark side to his personality. The movie states what happens when Kunal comes to know about reality of Raghu.

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Kunal sitting on sea shore alone, thinking of his past. He is  simple,peace loving man .He is in love with Ishita ,an independent girl inher 20's , working as interior designer .Kunal & Ishita always ... More

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