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Agni Pankh Plot

This is the story of Siddharth a flamboyant fighter pilot who is quite a ladies man, the story of Sameer who is always at logger heads with Siddharth, being a fighter pilot himself, the story of Vishal, who is the voice of sanity, one rank senior and newly married, the story of his wife Nupur, the story of Anjana, a tomboy, who is a chopper pilot, is considered one of the guys, and is secretly in love with Sameer and of Surbhi, a rich man's daughter does not like flying or pilots and ends up falling for Siddharth!! With this varied least of characters the story moves forward in the breathing valleys of Kaskmir, with the thrilling backdrop of Air force fighter taking off for sortie after sortie. Love and passion blossoms amongst intrigue and hatred. Surbhi is in love with Siddharth. Sameer has fallen for Surbhi and is completely unaware of Anjana's Silent love for him! Enter the evil designs of Pakistani dictatorship on Kashmir. Pathless plotting and planning leads to war, some die, some survive and some are captured. The fast paced climax consists of a dare devil break through from the Pakistan POW camp with our pilots escaping through the jungle with the Pakistani rangers and trackers chasing them for the skill. The thundering pre-climax and climax are all about gulf and glory. This is a saga of love. Courage, hatred and sacrifice. A story of our brave warriors of the sky -A story called "AGNI PANKH".

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