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Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se Plot

Arun, the only son of a Barrister father, the darling of all the male students - himself proud and over-confident, for the first time in his life, stood second in the Terminal Examination to Lily Fernandes, a shy, simple, modest girl - the daughter of an ordinary nurse in a private Nursing Home. The shock of the defeat was too much for Arun, and he took up a challenge -- even nursed a personal vendetta -- to bring down the growing popularity of Lily in the college. One day, to her surprise, Arun's father himself walked in to their simple house with a proposal for marriage between Arun and Lily. But when everything was nicely set up for a happy ending, suddenly, Lily fell ill. Arun and Lily met and behaved with each other as if nothing has gone wrong, as if the world is as beautiful as it was all the time, as if they are to wait only a few days for her recovery and their happy union. But all efforts failed. On a fateful evening, when the orange tint of the setting sun had spread its magic spell upon everything around, Lily Fernandes, a dreamy girl, who dreamt of nothing but goodness and innocent joys of life, breathed her last in the arms of her equally young and innocent lover. Before her death, she made him promise that he will go further up and up in life, so that from some other world the soul of Lily will eternally find peace and completion of her deepest love for her dearest one on earth!

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