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Apne Plot

Apne is the story of a family their relationship and their dreams. A father and his sons each have their own desires... aspirations... and hopes... Baldev Singh Choudhary won a silver medal in the Olympics and made India proud. His only dream was to make history by becoming India's first World Heavy-weight Champion... But sometime dreams shatter before they can be realized and make the heart bleed forever. Same fate awaited Baldev. When in the US fighting for he World Heavy-weight Championship, the betting mafia conspired against him and got doping charges leveled against him, which got him banned from boxing. For an athelete nothing can be worse than doping charges. He wanted to get rid of this stigma and plan by training his elder son Angad in the sport of boxing and make him a world Heavy-weight champion and create history which eluded him, but... Angad had some other dreams... some other aspirations... some other commitments. Karan , the younger son, a musician at par, inspite of wanting to fulfill his fathers dreams was helpless. What was this helplessness? Inspite of loving and living for each other why were these two sons not able to work along with each other to achieve their fathers dream? Will they ever succeed? Will Baldev's dream ever be achieved or will it die along with him? As he has decided to end his life today.

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