Guest Iin London Plot

Aryan (Kartik Aaryan) is a London based software developer whose work visa is about to expire. To get a permanent work visa, he persuades Anaya (Kriti Kharbanda), a cab driver, for a fake marriage. Initially hesitant, Anaya accepts the offer for the money. Just when they are done with the legal formalities of their wedding, Aryan's distant uncle Gangasharan Gandotra (Paresh Rawal) and aunt Guddi (Tanvi Azmi) happen to arrive in London from nowhere. Though Aryan is a little taken aback initially, he decides to use them to his advantage. To make authorities believe that his marriage is real, he asks his uncle and aunt to stay for the wedding.

Instead of helping him, his uncle and aunt create truckloads of troubles for the couple. Over the period of time Aryan and Anaya, who were faking their marriage, fall for each other and they just want to get rid of the unwanted guests. But Gangasharan and Guddi show no signs of going back to India. All the attempts to send them back prove futile for Kartik and Anaya. However, when Aryan and Anaya discover an astounding truth about Gangasharan and Guddi, their surprise knows no bound. Soon they discover that Gangasharan and Guddi are innocent. They had come to London to collect the belongings of his deceased son Ajay Gandotra (Ajay Devgn) from his office, who had died years ago in the 9/11 attack in America.