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Batwara Plot

Vicky and Sumer were two ordinary mortals; why would there be any difficulty in parting them. True-their friendship was not only exemplary but almost proverbial. What made the job of the people easier were the two prefixes with their names-thakur and Chowdhary Thakur Vikram Singh and a Chowdhary Sumer Singh. Even if Viky and Sumer Prove Inseperable , athakur and a Chowdhary would not stick Deven - whom he loved more than his life -was killed in the farmers "basti'. Viki flew into a blind rage and so did his rifle. The whole basti had a blood bath. Viky did not even pause to ponder that his victims were Sumer's people - his kin, his community and his dependants. The almost detestable forces of caste and creed, the high and the low succeeded in parting them. But deep in their souls lay their friendship almost dormant. They had firmly believed once that even if death always has had an upper hand in its confrontation with life, friendship was invincible even when confronted by death.The Parting of ways came for the proverbial friends with the dead body of the friendship lying in between. Would their confrontation be as proverbial?

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