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Bheja Fry 2 Plot

Kind hearted but not sophisticated, the rolly-polly income tax inspector, Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) is back to fulfil his long enchanting dream to become a playback singer. Additional to his media aspiration he gets into a game show in expectation to be successful in winning a cash prize with which he could start his own music album. In due course Bhushan goes on to win the war which also presents him a free of charge stay on a journey ship. It is on that cruise that he meets up Ajit Talwar (Kay Kay Menon), a pungent tongue heartless business tycoon, who is captivating scabbard on the cruise to run away from the Income Tax branch. Close on his heels is income tax inspector M.T.Shekharan (Suresh Menon), who is attempting to uncover the individuality of a financial scamster who has been hard to pin down since long.

On the cruise when Ajit Talwar comes to know about the profession of Bharat Bhushan, he prepares his juniors to keep an eye on him and in due course, get shot of him. On the other hand, when he is introduced to Ajit Talwar, Bhushan comes to know about of his media investments and is out to make an impression on him. The cruise turns out to be an ideal meeting place for Bharat with the presence of Ranjini (Minnisha Lamba), a sugary and straight- forward media management with whom Bhushan had met on the game show. The whole thing looks as if everything was going perfect in his life with her company and optimistic future prospects of just beginning the connections with Ajit Talwar and his group. The presence of a camouflaged M.T.Shekharan additionally excites the plot and a cord of eccentric incidences owing to a wrong identity at the end of the day wind up Ajit Talwar and Bharat Bhushan left high and dry on a deserted island.

Now, it is on that island that Talwar realizes what an ache Bharat Bhushan is. His foolishness makes Ajit Talwar go mad. And if that is not sufficient, Bhushan's foolishness lands them prisoner in the hands of a weird isolated photographer (Amole Gupte). As destiny would have it Bhushan's co-worker M.T.Shekharan arrives there and sets them free by exposing the cunning Ajit Talwar and making a stunned Bhushan realize that Ajit Talwar was attempting to get rid of him all the while when he was on the ship.

The photographer Raghu Burman, M.T.Shekharan and Bharat Bhushan tie with each other with the thinking of an optimist utopian state, free of crime and base on communal integrity. But their connections are momentary and do not last long as they deal with to blow off the same dwelling in which they are staying. In the diminutive hours of sunrise, a totally harrowed Ajit Talwar is freed by his business link Kapoor (Rahul Vohra) and his trustworthy lieutenant which brings a conclusion to his nightmare.

The tale arrives a full cycle with Bharat Bhushan realising what an immense friend he has in M.T.Shekharan and an arrogant Ajit Talwar being punished for his haughtiness and high-handedness.

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