Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-leela Plot

The story takes place in a fictitious village called Raanjhar in Gujarat. The two major communities in the village, Rajadi and Sanada are hardcore enemies of each other for more than five hundred years. The two communities don't see eye to eye and share sour feelings about each other. Ram (Ranveer Singh) is the younger son of the big authority in village of Rajadi community. Ram makes his livelihood from doing business of stolen cars as well as runs a video parlour. The young lad keeps on impressing village girls with his charm with his group of friends. However, Ram does not like the violence committed by the two communities in the village, although he does not say it clearly.

On the eve of Holi celebrations held by the opponent Sanada community, Ram comes across the stunning Leela (Deepika Padukone), who is the younger loving daughter of another village bigwig, Dhankhor (Supriya Pathak). The beautiful Leela is fearless in nature. She notices Ram and gets mesmerized by him and falls for him. The two soon start sharing sweet love bond despite of the opposition from their orthodox families. One unlucky day turns the lives of these lovebirds upside down by changing the whole story. The elder brother of Leela, Kanji (Sharad Kelkar) and Ram's elder brother (Abhimanyu Shekhar Singh) fall into serious verbal disagreements. The situation turns bitter and Kanji kills Ram's brother by mistake. Shocked to see this, Ram loses control over his emotions and murders Kanji, thereby strengthening the enmity. Leela, who is deeply in love with Ram, comes to know about this and a twisted series of events follow.

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