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Mom Plot

Arya (Sajal Ali) shares a very rocky relationship with stepmother Devki Sabharwal (Sridevi), who also happens to be her schoolteacher. She has a younger step-sister also, but her relationship with her is not strained. Her father (Adnan Siddiqui) makes sure that his whole family is united despite some differences between his wife and elder daughter. Devki, too, tries everything possible to build a normal relationship with her stepdaughter but luck does not favour her much.

On an unfortunate night, Arya goes to a party with her friends where she gets kidnapped. She is found in an unconscious condition the next day. Later medical reports reveal she has been brutally gang-raped. After gaining her consciousness, Arya identifies the culprits. Crime branch cop Matthew (Akshaye Khanna) rounds up the rapists within no time. But in the absence of any pieces of evidence, all the rapists end up getting off scot-free. Dismayed, Devki hires a private detective Daya Shankar Kapoor (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) to avenge the rape of her daughter. Fighting against all the odds, she kills them one by one and, by the end of it all, Arya finally accepts her as her Mom.

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