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Murder 2 Plot

Arjun Bhagwat is a Goan who was a police officer earlier who earns for his day to day living and survival by doing all the wrong and odd tasks. His family was disturbed by their poverty to such an extent that it had become very hard for them to survive in this cruel and expensive world. For Arjun, money had become a priority and the foundation for any task he used to take up.

Arjun meets up another man Sameer, who is a Goan gangster and who was suffering regularly a huge loss as his hookers have been running away. He without delay gives the task to Arjun and for that job he offers him a big sum and knowing his talent of investigation as an ex-police officer in order to discover those girls.

Priya is a young girl who is playing the role of a model in the motion picture and she is intensely in love with Arjun. However, Arjun is shy to acknowledge it as for him the only thing that is of utmost importance is money. Through his investigation, Priya does not comprehend his shyness in giving a name to their relationship.

During the time of investigation, Arjun feels that the girls who were missing were linked by one mobile phone number. He determines that in order to grasp the lion one must give to eat him the animal protein. He makes a plan in which he sends a girl to that particular client.

Here enters in Reshma who is a young college going student but who is into the business of prostitution in order to give food to her family and support her family. She becomes the guiltless victim, and she is then sent to the house of the antagonists whose name is Dheeraj Pandey. There something unexpected incident takes place as we disclose that Dheeraj was a serial killer who played a eunuch in the motion picture. He is a sex fanatic and therefore, plans to cruelly kill women.

But as destiny has it, through the journey of research, Arjun and Dheeraj cross paths. Arjun gets into a quarrel with Dheeraj and both of them land up at the police station. Dheeraj being the sociopath accepts to a crime so monstrous that even the cops get shocked by his behaviour.

Now it is all up to Arjun Bhagwat. He has one night-time to discover some evidences in order to detain Dheeraj in jail. He requires discovering Reshma because he starts to feel at fault about his scheme of sending her as lure. He feels that the background of Reshma was almost alike to his one and therefore he feels sympathy towards Reshma. Through his investigation, he comes across many people who have had an encounter with this serial killer which also included his family and a hooker who had managed to run away.
Things do not go according to the plan and Dheeraj leaves the police station as a free of charge bird as there is no proof against him. In the meantime, the next prey on his record turns out to be none other than Priya. The road for Arjun is now easier said than done. Would he be able to collect substantial proof? Would he discover Reshma and save Priya or would it be very late?

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