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No Problem Plot

No problem is a movie which consists of a star cast like Sanjay Dutt, Akshaye Khanna, Kangana Ranaut, Sushmita Sen, Anil Kapoor, Shakti,Paresh Rawal and Sunil Shetty. The movie is produced by Boney Kapoor and directed by Anees Bazmee.

The movie is about 2 childhood friends played by Akshaye and Sanjay who are small time crooks. They wish to bring about a change in their life by leading a proper life rather than being crooks. And hence they, especially Akshaye, make constant efforts to leave the world of crime. But unfortunately for him each time he makes up his mind Sanjay returns with an act that closes all doors for him. One of these instances is the robbery of that bank where Paresh is the manager. It so happens that a night prior to the robbery Akshaye and Sanjay stay in Paresh's house because of which Paresh is then accused to be an accomplice in the incident. To which Paresh swears that would prove his innocence and only then return to the place.

This is just one part of the story. The other part involves a cop played by Anil Kapoor who is the husband of the daughter of the commissioner of police played by Shakti (while the wife is played by Sushmita Sen). Anil gains fame on nabbing a major criminal, played by Sunil Shetty, who survives even after being shot 16 times. But, a minute problem – it seems that 2 of the bullets shot at him couldn't be removed and as such still exists within his body tickling him to no end as they travel within his body. That is one side effect seen in an individual. 

The other side effect is seen on Sushmita, who on account of being continuously irritated with Anil's behavior develops a strange split personality disorder. This disorder strikes her for a mere 10 minutes in a day out of the 24 hours. But where in the other 23 hours and 50 minutes she is the best wife who takes care of the house and absolutely loves and cares for her husband and waits for him to make amends, in the 10 minutes of the attack she would do anything to kill her husband. 

Now, it so turns out that Sanjay and Anil know each other but with a slight misunderstanding on the part of Anil who takes Sanjay to be a decent and law abiding citizen. On the other hand Paresh, in order to gain evidence of his innocence comes to the same city and rents a room exactly above their house. What follows next are situations that make you fall flat with laughter.

Where does Kangana fit in all this? Well, Akshaye falls in love with Kangana who is Sushmita's little sister and the Commissioner' daughter. It is Sanjay who helps Akshaye when they go to Shakti's house in order to fix the engagement date. But, by then Anil gains knowledge of Akshaye's true identity but can't reveal it as Akshaye too blackmails him in return. By mere luck or rather coincidence Paresh gets to know of this situation and he makes full use of this by introducing himself as Akshaye's dear uncle. Paresh then blackmails Sanjay and Akshaye telling them to return the money or he would tell everyone who they actually were.

Seeing no other way, out the duo agree for a final robbery. But as problems always entail them here too is no different tale. It so happens that during the event Sunil Shetty kills a person (a white collared mafia leader) who had smuggled some diamonds but finds it to be missing. As it turns out, this same white collared mafia don had tipped the cops regarding Sunil's whereabouts in order to save himself and that's how Sunil was caught by Anil.

At the engagement, just when the rings were to be exchanged Anil enters and handcuffs Sanjay, Akshaye and Paresh on the pretext of the above stated murder. Kangana is left heartbroken while these three are put behind bars. 

To prove their innocence the 3 of them run away from the jail. On one hand this leaves Anil in a tight spot while on the other hand Sunil gets to know about the presence of them at the time of the murder and thereby suspects them having the diamonds. A series of events and the criss-crossing of paths that follow lead to the unfolding of the fact that the crime in question is committed by Sunil but, sadly for Sanjay and Akshaye Anil refuses to believe in anything they say.

On knowing the truth, after initially resisting Akshaye, Kangana later decides to stand by her love. But, Sushmita's condition further deteriorates as her fits increase with each passing day. Anil tries to get the three of them and also bring back Kangana by drawing a plan but unfortunately his plan backfires as Kangana helps the 3 to escape again.

It is then revealed that Sanjay had indeed picked the diamonds from the place of the crime during the robbery. Hence, all the villains get together when he goes to them in order to prove that he was not involved in the crime and hit Sanjay and lock him up. Sanjay is then given an option to trade his life with the diamonds but he didn't want to give up on the diamonds so soon. He then arranges for a meeting with the villains and with the help of his quick thinking and plan he manages to not only gain the evidence for his innocence but also put the thugs in jail. One major loss is that in the scuffle he losses all the diamonds in the vast ocean.

Akshaye and Sanjay are now relieved of the case but for the rest of their life they just have one target in mind - to get the diamonds back. And for this they have spent their all their time fishing for it since that time.

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