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Phoonk 2 Plot

Phoonk  was a horror movie which ended with the killing of Madhu who had cast a black magic spell on Raksha who was the daughter of Rajiv . Phoonk 2 is another horror movie which is a sequel of  Phoonk. In Phoonk 2 the dead woman Madhu's ghost returns from the graveyard to take revenge from the family responsible for her death. Rajiv has to shift to another place because he gets a new construction project. He shifts with his family to that new place. Rohan and Raksha roam about in the new place; everywhere whether the lonely beach or the jungle behind their house. Rohan and Raksha find a doll in the jungle and from there the horror begins because they both and their family are badly terrorized thereafter.

Madhu's ghost comes out of the grave and kills Manja from whom Rajiv was about to seek help. Madhu's ghost torments Arti and her children. Madhu's ghost keeps horrifying the whole family in a very cruel manner.

Phoonk 2 detains the fright of some people captives to a murderous, animalistic ghost who is taking revenge by horrifying them brutally.

We experience a terror far bigger than that of an existing wickedness than when the deceased returns to trouble you.

What will happen to the family? Will the ghost be successful in taking revenge? If yes then how? If no then how will they save from the ghost is the rest story of the film PHOONK 2.

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