Raabta Plot

Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) a glitzy and jazzy Panjabi boy from Amritsar went to Budapest to work as a banker, where he met a beautiful yet introvert chocolatier Saira (Kriti Sanon) and they instantly got connect and fall in love with each other. Saira couldn't believe how she fell in love with a guy show is completely different than her, and so could Shiv. And yet they decide to go ahead and walk the aisle of relationship. Meanwhile, Saira been struggling hard to decipher meaning and significance behind dreams and vision she been having since birth and unreasonable hydrophobia.

As their love reached the peak, Zack (Jim Sarbh) enters in the world with a mysterious smile and hidden agenda behind those intriguing eyes. Apparently, Saira founds Zack alike and decided to go on a friendly date with him, little knowing his plan to abduct her.

Upon waking up, Zack gave all the answers to Saira, which were been haunting her for life, and story unfolds further...