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Style Plot

Bantu (Sharman Joshi) and Chantu (Sahil Khan) who stands out in the college for their ability to outfox others. College is just another amusement park for them. They play truant and are admired for their expertise in ragging and playing pranks. Whenever they help their peers through the rough and tumble of the college life, they are showered with expensive gifts and parties by their rich friends. The pampered duo imbibe the habits of the rich though they hail from a middle-class Mumbai chawl. But as soon as their college studies are all but over, the duo begin to realize that they will have to take the responsibilities of their life soon. One dirty prank by a rich friend leaves them stranded in a big Hotel where, unable to pay the hefty bill, they are thrown out with a black eye and a few cracked bones. This opens their eyes to the importance of money. It is then that Bantu comes up with a brilliant idea. The duo plans to "patao' two rich girls so that they can spend their life comfortably. So, they focus their attention on rich teenyboppers Sheena (Riya Sen) and Rani (Shilpi Mudgal). But there is a problem. Sheena and Rani are miffed with the duo because of the joke they played on the svelte girls. So Bantu and Chantu set about wooing the two girls and win their love. Then comes an unexpected twist in the otherwise-tepid story with the entry of a mysterious woman (played by Tara Deshpande) in their lives.

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