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The Great Indian Butterfly Plot

The Great Indian Butterfly is a simple story of a changing India which is directed by Sarthak Dasgupta and produced by Sanjay Gupta and Parth Arora. This film is the story of Krish and Meera who are young couple of India and want to climb the steps of corporate rate race.

But to achieve their goal, they need a lot of sacrifices, patience and more attempts but they don't have so much patience, hence they get stressed and frustrated on their failure and want to try another method to get what they want. They come to know about magical insect-The Great Indian Butterfly and they want to go in search of it.

This special kind of butterfly possesses a magical aura and the unknown Portuguese explorer Carodiguez had seen it last somewhere in a remote valley located in previous colonial Goa. The specialty of this butterfly is that whoever will catch it will receive plenty of happiness and pleasure.The couple tries to find 'The Great Indian Butterfly.'

Would they succeed in finding the 'The Great Indian Butterfly?' Would they survive the expedition? Would it cost them their lives? Would \'The Great Indian Butterfly\' smash disaster on their souls? Would there be salvation? Or would it prove to be a useless pursue for an answer to their crumbling lives? Is pleasure an uncommon pest?

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