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Undertrial Plot

This is a portrayal of the life of Sagar Hussain (Rajpal Yadav), whose life is a reflection of the two sides of the same coin – one side which is what the society perceives it to be, and the other side, is the truth. Sagar Hussain is the under-trial prisoner at the central jail. He is "accused' of raping his daughters continuously for eight years, and also, for conspiring to murder them. That is why Sagar is much hated by even his fellow prisoners irrespective of the extent of their crimes. Such a heinous crime that has made him a pariah for even the most hardened criminals. The evidence is stacked up against Sagar. The last witness is Sagar's wife, Sameena (Monica Castellino), who wants to ensure life imprisonment for him with the help of the public prosecutor, Mr. P.P.Verma (Prem Chopra). Amidst a guaranteed guilty verdict enters Ravi Vishnoi (Kader Khan) to, perhaps, his rescue.

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