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Yaariyan Plot

Lakshya (Himansh Kohli) who is the son of a martyred army man, is a very cheerful and fun loving college dude, who spends his time with this friends Pardy (Shreyas Pardiwalla), Jiya (Nicole Faria) and Neil (Dev Sharma) chilling and having fun. Lakshya is always in a pursuit of kissing one of the hottest girls in the college, in which he always fails. Every time this happens, he embarrasses himself in front of Principal Jimmy (Gulshan Grover).

Once, due to his and Pardy\'s stupidity, they end up ruining a college stage play and hence attracting the principal\'s ire. Now the principal confides them to the fact that a rich Australian business baron has signed a deal with the local king and bought the land where stands the girl\'s hostel. Now the only way to save it is to challenge the Australian team in every sporting and cultural event and defeat them. They form a group with a nerdy girl called Saloni (Rakul Preet) and start their preparations.

Soon the team is flown to Australia for the challenge and they meet their rival team with whom they enjoy their time. Soon Lakshya falls in love with a girl from the Aussie team named Jannet (Evelyn Sharma). However, as the competition begins, they realize that they are facing something else than a fair competition and soon the team meets a great tragedy.

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