Raja Bhaiya

Raja Bhaiya

24 October, 2004 | 2 hrs 20 mins

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Director : Raman Kumar

Producer : Kalyani Singh

Star : Anang Desai , Ajit Vachani, Vishwajeet Pradhan

Raja Bhaiya saves a mentally challenged girl from committing suicide and shelters her at his home, where she is named Radha. On his mother\'s persistence, he gets married to her. Later, Radha\'s family reaches and takes her along with them. They get her treated, now she\'s back to normal and is unable to recollect Raja and their marriage.

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"Raja Bhaiya" is story of a small town boy called Raja, who under the influence of a 'BRAHMACHARI' sadhu has taken the vow, never to marry. Life runs smoothly until his mother meets a girl who was ... More

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