06 October, 2011
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Sanjay Dutt Productions Pvt. Ltd, Rupali Aum Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
It is an action comedy film in which Chetan Chauhan and Bhagat Bhosle are the two competitor con men who try to outshine each other to pursue a rich man.
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RASCALS is a Hindi feature film which released on 6th September, 2011.Usually any Hindi feature film in Bollywood releases on Friday but this film released on Thursday due to Dushera. The producers might have made strategies to earn more profit due to Durga Puja/Vijay Dashmi/Dusherra. But would the film really earn the profit as much as it has been expected by its makers?

Story : The story is about Chetan & Bhagat. Both the characters have been played by Sanjay Dutt & Ajay Devgan. They are two conman and biggest rivals of each other. They want to outwit each one. In order to pull each other's ... full Rascals Review

'Rascals' is a comedy about the joys of conning where Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn play two cool competing conmen trying to out-scheme each other in consistently amusing and surprising setups.

But when both fall for ... full Plot
By Sanjay

Jo iss movies ko accha keh rahey hai unhey paisey diye gaye hai , mainey dekhi aur merey pay kya beeti mujhey maalum , Are we fools , filling their pockets watching such crap, making them RICH , and they fooling us r we so dumb and they r taking benefit of it.i feel myself dumb too What a bad movie , I wasted my rs 40 , sanjay dutt should pay me to watch this movie, I want my money back triple for giving me such torch-er, so bad comedy , it is forced , unfunny comedy for not more then 3 years children s, These Celebrities think that they will make whatever and make money by fooling people , watch this movie if you r actor in Rascal , or want to waste your money , mind , time your common sense , don't watch if u get free tickets, if you get ticket give it to your biggest enemy ghisey pitay comedy dialogs , faltu comedy , mujhey ghussa aa raha hai , many of them were waiting movie to end , but it never ends.many people where angry there in theater , I regret so much, even if I watched this movie for rs 40 I still feel I wasted so much money on this , time and my brain because of these torture they should pay us rs 400 to watch these movie , some where spitting on screen and some one was going to P I S S. on the screen because of the torture that movie gave but others stopped him , I have better stayed at home and watched taarak mehta or other comedy serial better then spending so much money , or have spend time with friends , or see force or shaib biwi or gangster, SOUNDTRACK and Real steel are awesome paisa vasool and more fun movie.

By Whats In A Name

One of the worst movie i have ever seen... full of stupid jokes... it was even worst than mausam.

By Ashish Chauhan

belkul fudu felim hai.....sale need aan lag jande hai!!!!!