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Befikre Review

Befikre Review

By Meghana Pawar - December 9, 2016

Rating: 2.5/5

One line Review: The crazy tale of two youngsters who plan to live a Befikre life with a no strings attached style relationship amidst the beautiful city of love, Paris.

Positive Points: The light-hearted nature of the film that just touches the verges of depths that the intense emotion of love has. A fun ride for young people. Aditya Chopra has managed to break out of the full-fledged romantic movie making shell and tried his hand at this fast paced rom-com.

Negative Points: Just as the climax, the film defies logic. Adding a beautiful Paris setup and Hollywood style romance does not help to hide the loopholes of the film.

Plot: Dharam (Ranveer Singh), a hardcore Delhi boy moves to Paris to work in his friend’s club as a stand-up comedian. On a fun club outing, he meets Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) and not surprisingly they instantly get hooked. Then starts the series of French kissing and making out sessions between the two. After a year of living in together, they decide to part ways. But, after practically moving on, they end up becoming just friends and this new phase brings them closer. While Dharam continues his chick hunting and one-night stands, Shyra decides to slow down and reflect. Something has changed and has made her a matured girl.

Review Befikre

Shyra meets Anay and their not-so-perfect first date turns out for them being hitched. After dating for a while Shyra and Anay decide to get married. Will this new turn in Shyra’s life make Dharam realise his love? Or will he continue with his insane antics is to watch out for!

Supporting actors do justice to their roles and support the story.

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Aditya Chopra making a coming of age movie minus the overboard love angle and SRK is firstly to be appreciated. The film comes with its share of loopholes and flaws but, thankfully it does not bore the viewers. The plot does not have much of substance, but is watchable. The backdrop and the beauty of Paris is gorgeously captured and one cannot miss to notice the beautiful city in all the frames. The film quickly moves from Dharam and Shyra’s Hollywood style no strings attached relationship to the all emotional popular mainstream Bollywood movies. One can only wonder, what was the real purpose of the film. May be it was reflecting upon the modern day fragile relationships and showing desperate racing young hormones. Any which ways the dialogues of the movie are a delight and Ranveer Singh’s funny acts sum up to give you a good laugh.

Performance: The movie rides on the able shoulders of Ranveer and Vaani. Ranveer Singh undoubtedly is a great performer and an incredible actor. He somehow just makes his way into the character that he is playing and becomes one with it. There seems no distinction between Dharam and Ranveer as he is so much into the character. He also has a fun comic timing that manages to tickle your funny bones.

Vaani Kapoor puts her best foot forward. She pulls off the role perfectly and renders freshness to the film. She is so good with the emotional scenes. More good film offers should make her way soon. Also, her dancing skills need to be appreciated. She shines in one particular dance sequence with Ranveer. Although it is not fair to say but unfortunately, despite her powerful performance, one is dragged to notice her changed facial features and, ponder.

Music: The songs joyfully complement the visuals and come at apt timings. Some of the songs like ‘Nashe Si Chad Gayi’ are already topping the music charts.

Final Verdict: Befikre is a light-hearted movie and will mostly appeal to the young audience.

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