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Bolo Raam Review

Bolo Raam Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

If you love to watch mystery movies you would be happy to know that a film of your taste has arrived titled as BOLO RAM!

BOLO RAM is produced by Shree Keshav Films & its producer is Goldy Bhutani & is directed by debutant Director Rakesh Chaturvedi. Its casts are: Rishi Bhutani, Disha Pandey, Om Puri, Padmini Kolhapure, Govind Namdeo, Meena Sharma, Manoj Pahwa, Rajpal Yadav, Naseeruddin Shah, Krishan Khatra & Harish Harioadh.

But wait! Before rushing to watch this movie, first determine how worth it is watching & spending your money.

First of all let me inform you that if you have watched Tamil film RAM, no need to watch it because it is the remake of that film. So you would hardly get anything new or exciting to see. But if you haven't seen the Tamil film, here are some guidelines for you before you watch its Hindi version.

BOLO RAM is a suspense thriller; moreover a murder mystery. Though, until you watch the film or watch its promos you would never guess such title could be of a murder mystery. However, the title is justified after you watch the film.

As I have already mentioned, BOLO RAM is a suspense film where the suspense is who killed the lady!

The Hero of this film is Raam (Played by newly introduced actor- Rishi Bhutani). He loves his mother too much. But on day his mother is found murdered. To everyone's surprise, Raam is found with the murder weapon beside his mother's murdered body. Police arrest him accusing him with the charge of his mother. He is locked up in jail. When Raam is questioned about it he remains silent. He becomes mute. Apparently, Raam is in a condition of shock and is unable to come out of it, he doesn't talk or react in any way.

Police officers like Rathi (Om Puri) make several attempts to make him speak but he keeps mum.

Circumstances proved Raam to be the murder. Everyone is shocked & curious to know why he killed his beloved mother. But due to his silence no body gets the answer. Hence they seek help of the psychiatrist Dr. Negi (Naseeruddin Shah).

Meanwhile police also interrogate other suspects such as Raam's neighbours. The investigation leads to several twists & reasons. Thus what happens from there forms the rest of the story. Did Raam kill his mother? If yes, what was the reason? If no, who else killed her? What was the motive? Why did Raam remain silent? These are some of the questions which the viewers would like to know. The rest of the story id formed in revealing its answers.

The director of this film is Rakesh Chaturvedi & this film is his debut film. The director has come up with a thought provoking tale but he could not give the audience good result. He tried to do something unusual but could not succeed totally.

The screenplay is so & so. The story is told in present & flash backs but they lack proper presentation. It could have been better & clear. There are many hiccups. The story goes back and forth, several new characters are introduced.

The dialogues are average.

Cinematography can be appreciated.

Background score was not as expected in thriller or suspense films. Regarding songs, only one song, "Maa Tere Jaisa" was touching. Musician Sachin Gupta could not give pleasant songs.

Editing too is average. It needed a more attention. It needed to be a bit fast. At some places the movie drags & seems boring.

However, the first half of the film goes about in a regular pace with suspense, but the second half is tight & interesting.

Costumes were trendy and the art department was realistic.

Performance wise newcomer Rishi Bhutani gets noticed. He has done a good job & has potential. He has good dancing skills & also good personality but he needs to improve his acting skills in his forthcoming films to achieve a good position in Bollywood.

Om Puri as usual has done fabulous performance & is impressive.

Padmini Kolhapuri has re-entered into films after a long time. Though she is as good as ever, har fans would not be happy to see her re-entry with this film. She needed a better role. However it is a pleasure to watch her after a long interval.

Though Naseeruddin Shah's role is small he does it with perfection & convincingly. Govind Namdev too is good in his role.

Rajpal Yadav was not needed in this role. It seems he has been wasted. Anyone else could have done his role.

Disha Pandey and Krishna Khatra disappoint. They are unable to do anything remarkable in this film. Manoj Pawha is as usual.

The writer failed in giving the reasons. It is surprising why the writer couldn't think of a better climax. If only the climax was worked upon with decent writing, the impact would have been higher and the film would have scored much better.

However, the director introduces a jihadi angle as is seen in 'Kurbaan'. It's amazing and beyond one's comprehension.

On the whole, Bolo Raam is not so bad but it could have been better. Commercially, this is a film for the serious audience and probably very less for the masses in it. However it is a good attempt by the team to come with a variety treat.

So once again I tell you that if you love watching suspense movies, you may watch it without expecting too much.

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