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Dangerous Ishq Review

Dangerous Ishq Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Rating: 2.5/5

DANGEROUS ISHQ is a Hindi feature film which released on 11th May, 2012. This film has been produced by Arun Rangachari and is in the genre of supernatural thriller. This was a much awaited film due to the re-entry of Karsihma Kapoor after her marriage.

Story : The story of this film is not like ordinary films. It takes you into many eras and various roles of Karishma Kapoor are seen. Sanjana (Karishma Kapoor) is a model; not an ordinary model but a super model. She loves Rohan who gets kidnapped on day and ransom of 50 crores is asked for his release. But Bhargav Singh who is the ACP (and played by Jimmy Shergil), is not in favour of giving ransom because he believes that even after paying the ransom, there was no surety that the kidnapper would set Rohan free. This sends Sanjana into trauma and during this condition; she gets different types of visions which takes her into her past life.

In the remaining film it is shown how her past life helps her in finding Rohan.

Would she be able to find Rohan? What is the link between her past life and present life? What is the mystery of her past life? All such queries are solved in the remaining part of the film.

Acting : Karishma Kapoor is back on silver screen almost after a gap of 9 years yet she has not forgotten her acting skills. She has done excellent job. Jimmy Shergil is also good. Sameer Kochar has justified his role. Gracy Singh and Arya Babbar are also okay. Divya Dutta is okay too. Rest of the actors, are also good.

Script : Storyline is weak and screenplay has a few loopholes in it. It could have been a better script.

Music : Himesh Reshmaiya has always done better in music but in this film he is not up to mark. The charm of his music is missing in his songs.

Direction : Vikram Bhatt is becoming thriller specialist now-a-days. He has been directing horror and supernatural films in a row and has done well in this film but due to mis-cast and weak plot; he fails to entertain you to full extent in this film. (Yes, Karishma Kapoor was not fit for this role. This role should have gone to any character artist). She should have done a better role.

Plus Point : 3D Version

Minus Point : Plot; Music; Mis Cast

Conclusion : This role doesn't suit Karishma Kapoor to full extent. She should have come back with a better role. Also this film fails to do justice with 3D version totally. This film will do business, but not too much. It may reach break even point or not even that.

Verdict : You can watch it once.

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