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Fitoor Review

Fitoor Review

By Meghana Pawar - February 16, 2016

Rating: 2.5/5

One line Review: 'Fitoor' narrates an intense love tale with some intriguing moments rather in a slow pace.

Positive Points: The movie captures the enormous beauty of Kashmir in each of its frames. It is highly captivating to witness the flow of gorgeous frames on the big screen. Aditya and Tabu's brilliant performances keep the viewers engrossed in the story. The first half of the movie is gripping and absorbing. The music and the background score are soothing. The transition from past to present is smooth and comprehensible.

Negative Points: The narration is slow, especially in the second half. The involvement and interest fades as the story moves towards the climax. The pace of the second half is feebly handled. Not all characters are given enough space to blossom completely and a few of them remain half baked.

Plot: 'Fitoor' is an intense love tale that narrates the story of a Kashmiri boy Noor (Aditya Roy Kapur) who is in immense love with the gorgeous Firdaus (Katrina Kaif). Noor and Firdaus meet as teenagers and Noor instantly fall for her beauty. A cute bond develops between the two, but, their closeness does not go well with Firdaus's mother Begam Hazrat (Tabu). She sends Firdaus to London for further studies while Noor stays in Kashmir and, he being a born artist, advances his skills all the more. He has never really been over his teenage love but, Firdaus on the other hand is a beautiful heartbreaker. She has moved on in life and is about to marry a rich politician. Noor, as an adult becomes an art sensation in Delhi and, that is where he meets Firdaus again.

Noor realises that his love for her has not lessened even a bit, but has taken a new dimension. Begam Hazrat insensitively handles the emotions of Noor and renders false hope of love to him all his life. Eventually, even Firdaus falls for Noor but, she resists herself to accept it. Begam Hazrat is a scarred woman and, is a victim of being ditched in love. Hence, she fears the same for her daughter. Will Begam Hazrat let the love birds meet?

Direction and other Technical Aspects: Director Abhishek Kapoor has done an applaud-able job with the direction. He has projected his ideas and concept beautifully on the screen. The loopholes in the script are evident but, can be overlooked for the sheer attempt of brilliant story telling. Having a treasured star cast sure helps. Tabu is a bang on choice for such an important character. The cinematography by Anay Goswamy is praiseworthy. Another special aspect of the film is its dialogues. They add zing to the context and render it a soulful flavour; the name to be praised for it is Supratik Sen.

Performances: It will not be wrong to say that Aditya Roy Kapur is the perfect Noor for 'Fitoor'. He essays his part exceptionally well. His expressions are apt. The intense looks on his face, and the expressions of being in deep love are heart melting. His character is hopelessly in love with Firdaus and, that is brought to life by Aditya.

Katrina Kaif as Firdaus looks drop dead gorgeous in every frame. But, she still needs to put her best foot front when it comes to acting.

Tabu as Begam Hazrat is such a delight. The pain, the arrogance bundled up with elegance and grace flows through her character. She herself is so engrossed in her role, steals all the attention when in the frame.

Ajay Devgn makes a surprising special appearance. Aditi Rao Hydari as young Tabu fits the bill perfectly and undoubtedly looks beautiful. Rahul Bhat essays a small role of Firdoz's fiance and is good in his part. All the other supporting actors play their part well.

Music: Amit Trivedi's music is the soul of this film. All the songs are melodious and one cannot stop humming them even long after leaving the theatres. Many of the songs are already topping the music charts.

Final Verdict: 'Fitoor' is an adaptation of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations. The story is portrayed beautifully and features some intense sequences. For people who love slow paced love tales, this film can be a treat. The movie leaves us with a lot to ponder.

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