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Gang Of Ghosts Review

Gang Of Ghosts Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - Mar 21, 2014 11:57 AM

Rating: 2.5/5

One Line Review: Gags of Ghosts!

Positive Points: The plot and storytelling experience along with superb acting, suitable star cast and clever art direction.

Negative Points: Inclusion of not much needed tracks that is hardly recognizable and breaks the flow.

Plot: In the world of globalization, where everything is on its way to development, there is something that's being demolished on the name of redevelopment; which is none other than the pride of Mumbai, its ancient heritage, the plush mansions and huge mills which made the city what it is today.

One such heritage mansion is the "Royal Mansion", famous for its spooky stories and scary experiences. This is where lands an emerging director (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) who plans to shoot his debut feature in this structure. All set with his same old bottled script the director is suddenly barged in by an aspiring writer Raju (Sharman Joshi) who is eager to narrate his scripted tale to him. After much ado, the director finally agrees and the actual plot kicks off. Raju has penned down the natural character Gendamaal (Anupam Kher) who was the actual owner of this mansion, later was killed due to his greedy nature. Believing his spirit still residing in here, Gendamaal has his full fledge platoon of tenant spirits.

In a city, where living beings reside on the streets, the spirits are abandoned due to globalization thus, residing in Genda's mansion through a unique interview process. Falling all things in places, finally there resides a so called family of spirits living (not technically) happily. Cherishing the sweet taste of their afterlife, the dish suddenly gets sour when a SoBo builder locks his nasty vision on the stature mansion. Planning to fight for their rights without any living support, merely carry forwarding their struggle with lots of drama, music and lots of rib tickling incidences.

Direction And Other Technical Aspects: Director Satish Kaushik, who is a well-recognized face in the industry has tried his hands back into direction after his tangled venture 'Milenge Milenge'. With his last being a flop, Satish has made sure to walk a safe lane with his forte, humor. Walking on an unusual side of the typical celluloid lane, Satish Kaushik has come up with an atypical story and a unique story telling experience.

The scenes are ironically matched shuffling the real life and narration pages. The filming of the periodical shots are marvelously projected keeping all key elements as like properties and backgrounds in mind, sensing the director's prolonged experience into film making. Talking about the audio part, the background score too gels up with the motion pouring out all spooky, creepy and even comic experiences.

Performances: Starting off from the narrators of film, actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay has delivered a decent performance. Marking his second presence in Bollywood after his appreciable Hindi debut 'Kahaani', the Bengali star speaks loud that he is here to stay for a long while through his talent. On the second, the face of the film, Sharman Joshi is good in his safe-house genre humor. The innocence and hunger of a struggling writer is evenly depicted by Sharman and thus feels natural onscreen.

Proving to be the ace of this pack, versatile masterpiece Anupam Kher stands tall in this entire comic caper. Sharing the same space, rest other veterans Asrani, Saurabh Shukla, Chunky Pandey and Rajpal Yadav have contributed their paramount to level this ride. Speaking about the eye candies, actress Mahi Gill nails it hard with her comic debut. Usually seen in much of dramatic and serious characters, Mahi hasn't left her dramatic act thus, added a comic tadka to freshen her act.

Another much talked about name in the league is Meera Chopra who debuts into the tinsel town through this venture. Coming up from the Chopra legacy, Meera too walks the same lines of her sisters Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra. With sheer coincidence, the actress was likely to be compared to her sisters, on to which she delivers a decent share of her talent maintaining the dignity of the Chopras.

Music: Composer Dharam Sandeep plays his second game after the 2012 release 'Department'. As per the unique script and demand the composer has delivered his best by offering a feel of the vintage era on a wide. Along with the old gold, Sandeep has evenly contributed his best to merge up the track list with rock, pop and even glittery item numbers. More to the odd however, the lyrics of them all fall flat on reorganization except its promotional track ''Naach Madhubala", overall proving not to be that spicy enough.

Final Verdict: Giving a break from the same old spooky features that scare your heart out, the makers have experimented with the genre making you laugh to the gags of the same scary creatures. Moving ahead from the stale projection of a human being been harassed and traumatized from the ghostly act, the film hereby depicts the other side of the coin where the ghosts are in dilemma due to the humanly acts that are not close to humanity.

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