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Hate Story 3 Review

Hate Story 3 Review

By Meghana Pawar - December 4, 2015

Rating: 2/5

One line Review: Where there is money and power, there has to be haters, jealousy, competition and revenge! 'Hate Story 3' is the saga that defines the state of minds that are gripped by the distortion of emotions.

Positive Points: The revenge tale comes with multiple twists. The songs and the music of the film are good. The presentation is classy and cinematography is straight. Some sequences are shot aptly and have turned out well.

Negative Points: The movie does not offer anything new. It is the same old story that we have seen several times or can be predicted. The narration is not intriguing and, does not manage to keep the audience involved. The depiction seems very superficial and, performances are very average.

Plot: Protagonist Aditya Diwan (Sharman Joshi) has everything going for him. He has a well established business, a gorgeous wife and a luxurious lifestyle. But, then happens the unexpected of entry of Saurav Singhania, (Karan Singh Grover) with an offensive and filthy business proposal. Saurav offers Aditya all the money he wants without any interest to expand his business, and in return asks for his wife, Siya (Zarine Khan) to spend one night with him in bed. Naturally furious with this obnoxious deal, Aditya opts out and then, Saurav begins his game to destroy the Diwans. Saurav has a revengeful motive behind his acts and skilfully plays his cards against Aditya. Aditya tries his best to counter attack Saurav but, in vain. Aditya's loyal employee Kaya (Daisy Shah) turns out to be a victim of this game of revenge between the two players. There are several twists in the plot and the story unfolds them one by one. Who is Saurav Singhania and why is he trying to destroy the Diwans? This revelation is held till the climax.

Direction and other Technical Aspects: The execution and the presentation are good. The film depicts many shades of grey, being true to its genre. There is enough skin show, violence and evil strategies to call it a Hate Story franchise. The plot comes with several twists and there are multiple surprising elements in the movie. But, still it fails to keep the audience completely hooked. The script is weak and does not offer anything new. Despite the twists, the movie is not involving or emotionally moving. It just touches you to the surface and evaporates. The songs are pleasing to the ears but, come up at random moments in the film disrupting the flow.

Performances: Surprisingly, an endowed actor like Sharman Joshi does not impress through his performance in the movie. Though, he is the best amongst the rest, still it is definitely not his finest performance. We have seen him making us all emotional in various films through his brilliant performances. But, in this film, there is a certain drop in the conviction that his performances have.

Karan Singh Grover is average in his role as Saurav. He is present in relatively less number of frames. The actor seems to be comfortable performing the bold sequences.

Zarine Khan plays the role of Sharman's wife. She tries hard to add substance to her role but, performs averagely. Daisy Shah who essays the role of a successful corporate employee has not been used to her full potential. Her character in the film is half baked.

Music: There are many songs in the film; some of them have already topped the music charts. The songs are pleasing to the ears but, are inappropriately placed in the movie.

Final Verdict: The movie features a clichd story and has nothing fresh to offer in terms of the storyline. There are twists in the plot but, even the suspense cannot keep its audience involved. The music is good. I will rate it 2 out of 5 stars.

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