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Kites Review

Kites Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - Nov 30, -0001 05:53 AM

Rating: 2.5/5

KITES has been produced by one of the greatest filmmakers of this age, Rakesh Roshan, who has given numerous hit films to the Hindi film industry such as KAHO NA PYAR HAI, KARAN ARJUN, KRISSH etc. But he failed to give a good quality movie here. This film is directed by Anurag Basu and the casts are Hritik Roshan, Barara Moris, Kabir Bedi etc.

The story of the film is weak and it will neither entertain you nor bring revenue to the filmmakers. In the beginning of the film you will get to watch hero of the film Jai (Hritik Roshan) lying alone in a desert called Mexican desert. The reason behind it is that he is awaiting his death there.

The story is told in flashback. Jai's marriage was arranged with Gina (Kangana Ranawat) who was the daughter of Bob (Kabir Bedi). Bob was a powerful man and was running a casino as its owner. Jai was about to get engaged to Bob's daughter but a twist comes in everyone's life. Bob has another son also named as Tony (Nick) who gets betrothed to Natasha (Barbara). But destiny wants something else. When Jai sees Natasha, he falls in love at first sight. So is the case with Natasha. Now both of them want to get married to each other. This makes Bob furious.

Jai and Natasha have to face a lot of difficulties. What are the difficulties and what happens to them forms the rest of the story which is neither interesting nor thrilling.

However Hritik Roshan's performance is excellent. He is one of the finest actors at present. His dancing ability is one of his biggest assets which make him different from others. His body too is well built and slim. But only his performance can't hold the film if the film is overall not good.

Rest casts are also good. Barbara Mori looks stunning and also comes up with a normal presentation. Her chemistry with Hritik is amazing. She doesn't know Hritiks' language, yet she is very comfortable with him and throughout the film.

Nicholas Brown makes for a good negative lead but is flawed with a predictable portrayal. Anand Tiwari is a satisfying change as the hero's associate and does honest in his piece. Kangana Ranaut doesn't get much possibility in her unusual look and is acceptable.

Kabir Bedi too has done his part well.

The director didn't try to give anything new to the audience; the routine storyline; routine chasing scenes etc. Dialogues are average and screenplay slow. However, cinematography is very well done by Ayenka Bose. 

This film is dull and it can neither make you laugh nor can it thrill you. Even teenagers will be disappointed to see this because it also lacks romance in proper way. Rakesh Roshan has given very nice songs in the past films such as KARAN ARJUN, KAHO NA PYAR HAI etc. But in this film he fails because songs too are not so pleasing.

However, Hritik has danced well and in unique way. If you are a die hard fan of Hritik Roshan, you should go and watch this film otherwise better stay away from it and invest your money and time in some other means to entertain you.

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