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Lafangey Parindey Review

Lafangey Parindey Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

LAFENGE PARINDE is a Hindi movie produced from the banner of Yash Raj Films and is directed by Pradeep Sarkar. Its producer is Aditya Chopra. Predeep Sarkar had earlier directed a film for Yash Raj Films titled as LAGA CHUNRI MEIN DAAG. It seems that they might have developed good rapport which is the reason why Yash Raj Films once again gave chance to direct another film for them even though the director's previous film LAGA CHUNRI EIN DAAG fell flat on the box office. It might be the reason that Pradeep Sarkar had directed a very nice film in the past titled as PARINEETA.

Though the blame of LAGA CHUNRI EIN DAAG failure was put on the director, the script writer was to be blamed since its story was not for Indian audience. In this film, the director has tried to do a nice job but has failed to do so due to some loopholes in the script.

The story of the film is such:

Pinky Palkar (Depika Padukone) lives in one of the slums of Mumbai and belongs to a poor family. She is a girl who knows how to smile in difficulties. Pinky is a skating dancer and her ambition is to reach the top level in her field. The responsibility of her whole family is on her shoulders.

One the other hand, Nandu (Neil Nitin Mukesh), who too lives in the same slum is a bull fighter. He fights in the ring for Usmaan Bhai (Piyush Mishra) with his eyes tied with clothes.

But things turn in different way and accidentally Nandu hits Pinky by his running car which makes Pinky blind. Nandu feels very guilty for her and helps her a lot.

But no one knows that Nandu was the man responsible for her blindness.

Nandu teaches her tricks how to live without eyes. Pinky learns all the tricks very soon.

A time comes when they participate in a reality show but at the eleventh hour the truth is revealed that Nandu had made Pinky blind.

Pinky gets shocked to know the truth.

What happens later is the rest of the film.

The film was initially promoted as a thriller but except a few bike stunts you would hardly experience any thrill in the film.

Yash Raj Films is repeatedly keeping reality shows scenes in its films: it was seen in RAB NE BANA DE JODI, CHANCE PE DANCE and now in this film. But films work on the script and not on some scenes.

The script of the film is average; hence you can expect average result from this film. It's good to show Pinky fighting with her life happily even after getting blind. It proves that she is a brave girl and sees her life differently. But she never regretted for her eyes loss; not even for a single moment which is hard to believe. It doesn't look natural.

Performance wise Deepika Padukone is excellent. She has played the role of a blind girl brilliantly. This film may remind you of the film BLACK where Rani Mukherjee too had played the role of a blind girl brilliantly.

Music of the film is good. The title song Main Lafanga Parinda has become popular and fits into the situation of the film. Songs here are not just to fill the gap but they are part of the story.

Neil Nitin Mukesh too has performed well but he doesn't suit the role.

The production value of the film is good but due to average script the film may not do well at the box office.

The director has made very sensible film like PAREENITA in the past and has proved that he is a very good director. But due to average script he could not create that passion in this film.

However, Deepika looks extremely beautiful in the film and you can go to wath this film for her. She will not disappoint you. Other casts of the film are Piyush Mishra, KK etc.

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