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Love U...Mr. Kalakaar! Review

Love U...Mr. Kalakaar! Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

LOVE U… MR. KALAKAAR! is a Hindi movie by Rajshri Productions that released on 13th May 2011.

Cast & Crew: The star cast of the movie includes actors like Tusshar Kapoor, Amrita Rao, Ram Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Madhu, Kiran Kumar, Jai Kalra etc.

Story : The movie is based on the never diminishing concept where a rich girl falls in love with a poor but talented boy. Well, here the poor boy is Tusshar Kapoor who plays the role of a very talented and orphaned artist who is inspired by anything and everything under the sun. But, he does seem like he's lost his memory because he needs at least 10 reminders for one particular appointment. Does remind you of Ghajini, doesn't he? Anyways, he meets Ritu (Amrita) who is a management trainee and who, unlike him, deals in profits, losses etc but yes, she does fall in love.

Coincidentally, Ritu is the daughter of a billionaire. The character of her father is played by Ram Kapoor who like any father would want his son-in-law to be well settled in life but, here he is termed as 'insensitive'.

Abiding by his daughter's wishes Ram gives Tusshar an opportunity to head his office for the next 3 months and earn as much profits as they have never earned before. Tusshar takes it up and tries everything possible to beat his father-in-law in his game and win the girl. In all of this he has to forget his love for colors. The end of the movie is understood and well known.

The story, as stated earlier, is quite predictable. Yes, you can see the effort that the Barjatiya brothers have put to stay along with the current trend but they are not able to do so. At times it does seem like you are watching a television serial on the big screen! The movie seems very slow and the characters are unbearably and unbelievable sweet.

Performance : Tusshar and Amrita have acted well and, like the requisite of the Rajshri movie, managed to their smiles pasted on their face throughout the movie which is exceptionally long. Tusshar and Amrita really suit the characters well and Tusshar is excellent. But, then look wise Amrita does seem to be doing the same kind of roles. Ram and Madhoo have played their characters in the best way. They were wonderful. There are some scenes in the movie which are good and worth a mention. Prem Chopra is in a very small role. The other actors seem okey- dokey.

The plot of the movie seems much dramatized. S. Manasvi is not able to give the audience the 'something new' factor that they look for. Saurabh Vishwakarma has done the cinematography while the editing is taken care of by Navnita Sen Datta which is okay.

Music : The music is done by Sandesh Sandilya and consists of soft, romantic songs like 'Sarphira Sa hai Dil' sung by Neeraj and Shreya. Some other songs in the album are Tera Intezar, Kahan Se Chali Aayi, Bhoore Bhoore Badal etc. The whole album seems sweet. It gives you a feel like Valentine's Day is near.

Direction : The direction is average and slow paced. The film is good in terms of message but not in terms of entertainment.

Conclusion : The movie is quite sluggish and slow paced. At the end of it you are actually quite bored and wondering 'why did you even step in?'

Verdict : Since you cannot watch RAGINI MMS with your family, you can take your family to watch it. At least your family needs to watch something. However you have any other option to entertain them it would be better.

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