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Main Tera Hero Review

Main Tera Hero Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - April 4, 2014

Rating: 2/5

One Line Review: Filled with tasteless 'comedy', juvenile dialogues and bland jokes, this love story entertainer is an obvious waste of time.

Positive Points: Varun - Ileana's chemistry works well; there is at least a bit of 'real comedy' in the film; jumpy and groovy music.

Negative Points: An obvious attempt to force humor on the audiences with moronic jokes and dialogues; the script goes a bit too far when presenting the humor.

Plot: Srinath Prasad also called as Seenu (Varun Dhawan) is a lively, energetic and fearless young guy from Ooty, who has come to Bangalore to complete his studies. On the very first day of his college he sees Sunaina (Ileana D'cruz) and falls in love with her. He pursues Sunaina in the typical Bollywood style with dances and songs, however, getting her is not as easy as it seems.

Sunaina is the fiance of Angad Negi (Arunoday Singh), who is an arrogant, brash and short tempered police officer assisted by his crony Peter (Rajpal Yadav).

Seenu is not all afraid of Angad or his men and gives him a hell of a time when he is troubled by him over Sunaina. However, after failing to set Seenu straight, he almost gives up.

Now Sunaina is kidnapped by one of the major dons in Asia (Anupam Kher), whose daughter Ayesha (Nargis Fakhri) has fallen in love with Seenu and wants to marry him. Now Seenu travels to Bangkok to bring back his girl, but it is not as easy as it seems. Also, Angad makes his entry into the house later, which causes additional trouble.

Now Seenu has to use all his tricks to get himself and Sunaina out of trouble.

Direction And Other Technical Aspects: David Dhawan has done a fairly good job with this love entertainer. Though the film is not so good despite all its jokes and jumpiness, it is still manageable to find some level of entertainment and fun in the film. David Dhawan has induced his signature craziness and chaos in the film, but overdoes it and spoils what he could have done much better.

Performances: Given that this is Varun Dhawan's second one after 'Student Of The Year', we get to see him in a refreshing and new form. Varun carries well the role of a rash, crazy and fearless spoilt brat who doesn't care much about anything else.

Ileana D'cruz's acting is bland as it could get and not much can be expected from her.

Nargis Fakhri does a better job of performing her part, but still doesn't match up with Varun's performance.

Needless to say that the versatile and talented Anupam Kher has done well with his slapstick performance as a comic gangster.

Arunoday Singh's performance is impressive as he clearly presents an arrogant, brash and short tempered police officer, who won't relent till he gets what he is looking for.

Music: 'Palat' is groovy and funky and is almost the signature song of the film. 'Besharmi Ki Height' is another one which is a party track. 'Shanivaar Rati' is another funky dance track from the film which keeps it lively even towards the end.

Final verdict: 'Main Tera Hero' is an average entertainer which is intended by the director to be comic and funny, but fails to produce enough organic humor as one would expect. Though there are a couple of jokes and scenes in the film where one would have some real laughter, most of the jokes and dialogues are trite and childish. The humor doesn't really match up to what you can expect.

In terms of performances, Varun succeeds to impress and engage the audience along with Anupam Kher who is equally lively in his character. However, the peripheral characters do not add up much into this.

One has to say, that this one doesn't give as it could and as it was expected.

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