Makkhi Review

By BollywoodMDB Team - November 30, -0001

Rating: 3/5

MAKKHI released on 12th October, 2012. It is a Tamil film (dubbed in Hindi). Its stars Sudeep and Samantha and is directed by SS Rajamouli. It has been produced by Sai Korrapati. Its genre is animation.

No one might have thought earlier that a teeny-weeny fly be the protagonist of any feature film and would carry a complete film on its delicate little wings and six flimsy legs!

MAKKHI begins with the clichéd love story of Nani (Jani) and Samantha (Bindu). Jani chases his dream girl so much that it causes irritation but clearly Bindu, like any conservative heroine, basks in the attention.

Sudeep plays the role of villain in this film and donates a kind fifteen lakhs (rupees) to the NGO of Bindu. Well, the purpose behind his kindness is to accomplish his carnal requirements, of course!

Sudeep has done superb role as jealous and dangerous businessman who covets the beautiful Bindu (Samantha). He has bad intentions and thus he sets his eyes on reeling in the sorrowful Bindu.

But when he realizes that neither his money nor his good looking personality could impress his lady love, he takes it as a challenge. But when he realizes that she would love Jani, he brutally kills him so that his way could be clear.

But twist enters in the film when Jani is reborn as a vindictive fly (animated character).

Does the fly take revenge? If yes, in which ways? Such queries are answered in the remaining part of the film.

Review : Makkhi is an animated character. It is about re-birth in different form.

Its dubbing part is great. It doesn't give you the feeling that you are watching another language film which has been dubbed in Hindi. Only the actors make you feel that you are not watching a Bollywood movie, otherwise in every sense it appears original. This film loses nothing in translation.

This movie provides you a refreshingly different, inventive take on a little creature makkhi (fly) one always tends to swat away and forget.

Conclusion : A fly is something that buzzes about, settles on your eating items and on your person, and arouses irritation. But in this film it's totally different. This is an entertaining film in which a housefly beats the villain who is a bad guy, and comes out on top.

Direction : Its director SS Rajamouli sprinkles the right amount of Southern spices on to some interesting animation using some extraordinary visual effects. He knows the taste of audience so he has filled it with his cauldron with comedy, melodrama and a lot of spiteful antics.

Verdict : It is worth watching!